Deception and Perfection are Wonderful Traits. The Crescent Moon
I find beauty in simple things. I don't believe that anything really lasts; book covers close, candles melt, cigarettes burn out, and tea and coffee go cold. But, I also believe that those endings only leave room for new beginnings. I believe in doing whatever in the hell you want and I believe in smiling at happy things, even though you're broken. I believe in music and art the way some put faith in religion. I believe that dancing and singing will always be a better medicine than any pill. I'm convinced that I don't belong where I am. I want to experience things. There are many places I haven't been, so many books I haven't read, so many songs I haven't heard, so many sights I haven't seen, so many walks I haven't been on, and so many things I've yet to discover. So, darling, be my guest, and let us be adventurers?